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Mystery Cults of the Electrified Mold or: What is it to be Human?

Mystery Cults of the Electrified Mold
or: What is it to be a Human?

What is it to be a human? This question is presented through the deconstruction and the partial deterritorialization of the human figure and human interaction. This inquiry seeks no answer; it simply puts forth all that is unknowable about the human condition. Much like the secret rituals formed in the mystery cults of ancient Greece, this work begins to form unknown rituals that emerge as creations of the sub-natural world – of the lower levels of the electrified mold behind your eyes. This forms a zone of experience or sensation that exists extra-lingually, removing logical or linear thought from the space. It becomes an instinctual zone that is not perceptible all at once, but only fully realized in the back of the mind, through a duration of discrete instances.